Cobb’s Pond Rotary Park

Situated as the gateway to the redeveloped Cobb’s Pond Rotary Park  Pond Park in Gander, NL, the design of this new, 1,500 ft2 community building is focused on creating a structure that both complements the surrounding landscape and provides a dynamic experience for visitors.

The single-storey wood framed building program consists of a Multipurpose Community Room with covered exterior View Deck, Kitchen with Concession Window, Public Toilets with exterior access, a Small Office, and a Mechanical and Electrical Room housing electrical controls for exterior park lighting.

The asymmetrical roof cantilevers over both ends of the building elongating its form while providing practical cover from Newfoundland’s traditionally wet and snowy weather.  This effect is augmented with the addition of a horizontal wood screen which continues the rhythm of the wood cladding while providing shelter from winds off the pond.

Design Team:  Chris Woodford
Winner:  2016 Atlantic WoodWORKS! Award