Destination Farm

This project included the design of a series of buildings and site design for an organic plant farm and agritourism destination in rural Southern, Ontario.  The purpose of the design was both to enhance the visitor experience of the farm as well as to provide support and production spaces for cultivation and processing.

The Main Entry Building consists of several programmatic elements bound together in a form which pays homage to the traditional agricultural buildings in the area.  Acting as a physical gateway to the farmland this Entry Building contains a Visitor’s Lobby, Retail Shop, Production Spaces and Storage, Learning Spaces, Heritage Museum and Administration Spaces with elevated views the entire property.  Connected via a wood boardwalk is an adjacent Meadery where visitors get the opportunity to experience the process of producing Mead straight from the Farm’s own beehives as well as the distilling of raw plant material into essential oils.

Design TeamChris Woodford, William Flynn